Parent Information regarding access arrangements for 11+ 2025 entry

Please refer to our Code of Practice on the London 11+ Consortium (“Consortium”) website

If you think your child qualifies for additional adjustments please be sure to contact the Consortium schools to which you have applied well in advance of the deadline of 8th November.

Please find below a reminder of what is required from you:

Access arrangements are awarded for the 11+ only; any access arrangements will be reviewed by a candidate’s secondary school before any public examinations are taken. As indicated in the Consortium privacy notice, access arrangements requests may be shared between all Consortium schools to ensure consistent arrangements.

Please bear in mind that it may not be possible to confirm any access arrangements until after applications close on 8th November.

APPENDIX 1 - JCQ regulations, information about standardised scores

For the Autumn 2024 testing series, the Consortium will be guided by the 2023-24 JCQ regulations with respect to examination access arrangements. This is because schools, professionals and families will have been working to these regulations for the past year. Candidates who have been assessed by a professional and identified with a learning difficulty or particularly uneven learning profile may have 25% extra time, as long as they have:

In either scenario, the two standardised scores must relate to two different areas of speed of working as below: speed of reading and speed of writing; or speed of reading and cognitive processing; or speed of writing and cognitive processing; or two different areas of cognitive processing which have a substantial and long-term adverse effect on speed of working.

In either case, the current school should be aware of the need and allow extra time in tests wherever feasible.

APPENDIX 2 - London 11+ Consortium Privacy Notice

We trust that you will have read the Privacy Notice on the London 11+ Consortium website. Please bear in mind that this permits us to share data about your daughter.