Agreed Code of Practice for Entry at Year 7 for September 2021

Information for Parents

For the purposes of Year 7 Entry procedures the following London Independent Girls’ Schools form the London 11+ Consortium. All Schools use a common entrance examination with a common mark scheme.

Channing School, Francis Holland (Regent’s Park), Francis Holland (Sloane Square), More House, Northwood College for Girls, Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Queen's College, Queen’s Gate School, St Helen’s School, St James Senior Girls’ School, South Hampstead High School, St Margaret's School and The Godolphin and Latymer School.

The date of the entrance examination is Friday 8th January 2021.

1. Applications

Please contact each school for which you wish your daughter to be considered requesting an Application Form and any other relevant information. N.B. You must complete a separate Application Form for each school to which you apply.

The individual schools to which you have applied will then process your application and send you any necessary information. You are strongly advised to attend Open Days at all the schools for which you have applied and you should ring each school or visit their website early in the Autumn Term for the dates and times of Open Days.

If a pupil is applying to more than one school in the London11+ Consortium, please indicate your preferred examination centre. Please note that candidates may sit the examination at any school for which they are registered; sitting the examination at a school which is not your daughter’s first preference will have no influence on how her application is considered and her chances of success. Any school to which an application is made will receive the results of the individual candidate, irrespective of where the examination is taken. Please be aware that all schools have limited capacity and candidates may be re-directed to an alternative centre.

2. School Reference

Each Consortium school to which a candidate applies will seek a reference separately, prior to the entrance examination.

3. Specific Learning Difficulties

The consortium will be guided by JCQ guidelines with respect to access arrangements. Candidates who have been assessed by a professional and identified with a learning difficulty or particularly uneven learning profile may have 25% extra time, as long as


In either case, the current school should be aware of the need and allow extra time in tests wherever feasible.

Submission of appropriate written evidence, from both specialist and school, will be required in support of all access arrangements by 18th November 2020. In exceptional cases, it may be possible to consider allowing extra time where standardised scores are not below 90. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis when supported by substantial evidence but it will be extremely rare that extra time is allowed. Where scores do not fall into the required range, and access arrangements are not given, the educational professional’s report will be taken into consideration in appraising the suitability of the candidate. Please note that girls will require reassessment of their needs in Year 9 before embarking on their GCSE courses.

The nature of the assessments is multiple-choice, completed on paper; thus arrangements for laptops do not apply.

4. Equipment on examination day

Candidates should bring their equipment to the examination in a transparent pencil case. They are also reminded that it is prohibited to bring in any electronic device that enables external communication or the storage and retrieval of data, including smart watches.

5. Past papers

Familiarisation material is available on the Consortium website ( which is also accessible via the websites of each school. The familiarisation material provides examples to indicate the range of skills required to complete the assessment, but the sample questions are not intended to provide a guide of the level of difficulty of the questions.

6. Interviews

The Consortium schools make their own arrangements for interviews.

7. Examination Results

These will be made available to all the other schools in the Consortium to which your daughter has applied. The other schools to which your daughter has applied will then consider whether or not to offer a place on the basis of the examination, school reference and interview, if included in the process. Please note that some schools do not call all candidates for interview, and you should check with the individual school about their interview process.

8. Offers

Offers will be posted out to parents by all schools in the Consortium on Thursday 11th February 2021(schools using email will email offers on Friday 12th February 2020). Some of these may be for a place on a waiting list. Information about a position on the waiting list is not given. All girls on the waiting list are considered to have qualified for entry should a vacancy arise.

9. Acceptances

It is strongly advised that acceptances – or declines – are notified to schools as soon as a decision is made. Holding unwanted offers denies other children the chance of a place. Acceptances must be received by the school at which you wish to confirm a place by noon on Wednesday 3rd March 2021. If no reply has been received to an offer of a place by that date it will be assumed that you do not wish to accept and the place will be re-offered. You may not give written acceptance of a place to more than one school. Once you have accepted an offer, please do immediately inform other schools where you hold offers, so that these schools can then offer places to candidates on waiting lists.

If you have any problems or queries at any stage in the procedure, the Registrars of the schools in the London 11+ Consortium will be pleased to help you.